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Customer Reviews for ACAHM

"I have been suffering from pelvic floor pain for almost two years. I have tried several traditional treatments and none helped. I had never experienced acupuncture before and I'm so glad that I found Dr. Towsley. Since I've been seeing her my pain level has significantly dropped and my quality of life has greatly improved. Dr. Towsley is thorough and understanding and has a wonderful bedside manner. I would highly recommend her to anyone suffering from chronic pain. Thank you Dr. Towsley!"

-Angela, St. Augustine

"I’ve been in severe pain from both shoulders, lower back, and both hips for several months. My wife introduced me to holistic medicines and thought it be a good idea to try acupuncture. Dr Yvonne Towsley is wonderful and very informative. I’m beginning to feel better and look forward to further visits."


"Tuesday, Oct.1st., was my visit with Dr. Yvonne & my second time having acupuncture . The 1st time was 1992. All I have to say is "WOW,WOW,WOW" ., feel like a totally different person. Still some aches on back but NOTHING compared to what it has been for years!! I went in with head, neck , shoulder & back pain/troubles and have come out feeling SOOOO BLESSSED!! So relieved and pain free! Cant wait for next session! Thank you Dr. Yvonne :0)"


"Dr. Yvonne, God bless you! I have been PAIN FREE since I left your office yesterday! It has been AGONY... I was losing my hope each and every day for the past 30+ days... wondering how I was going to live with this horrible, relentless, live altering pain! I am SO VERY GRATEFUL for you. THANK YOU"

-Tracie S.

"I cannot say enough about this place. When I started acupuncture I was hopeless. I have been fighting auto immune disease symptoms. I had numbness on my right arm. My first session we took almost 2 hours just talking about my history, symptoms, and an over view of my whole body. She is so thorough, peaceful, and understanding. Within two treatments my inflammation has been substantially reduced, and the numbness almost completely gone. For the first time in six years I’m feeling hopeful. I’m so excited to see what else we accomplish."


"Highly recommend to anyone. I was struggling with pain from surgery (10 months earlier) and not recovering the way I needed to in order to resume physical activity. After a very short time receiving acupuncture I was able to swim, exercise and be active in a way that I didn’t think possible. Dr. Towsley is extremely knowledgeable and will spend the time necessary to get your FULL medical history so that she can treat your entire body. I promise you will be happy that you invested in yourself."


"So, with getting older every year, new aches and pains arrive with a vengeance. Dr. Yvonne recommended a salve to apply on affected areas of sore muscles. This new and improved salve she makes is better than the invention of sliced bread. My husband is a contractor and uses every muscle in his body. I apply this miracle salve to his sore back, legs and feet, voila, pain is gone. I apply it to my neck and yup, pain is relieved... this stuff really works. I'm a new convert Dr. Yvonne, thank you for helping our family!"

-Tammy S

"I am so fortunate to have found Dr. Yvonne when I decided to try acupuncture. She has helped me regain a sense of well being and has successfully treated some specific issues. Recently I was experiencing constant pain in my hip. After just three treatments with Dr. Yvonne, the pain is completely gone. She is a kind, compassionate professional and I highly recommend Ancient City Acupuncture."

-Lynne, St. Augustine

"Dr. Towsley is a true professional who has a passion for her practice. She deeply cares about her patients which is manifested by her attention to detail, as well as giving the patient the necessary time needed. She asks pertinent questions & does research on the ailments. I feel her treatments are extremely effective, I feel so much better & I highly recommend Dr. Towsley."

-MB, Florida

"After left total knee surgery (2013) and much pain without relief. After one treatment of acupuncture from Dr. Yvonne Towsley I had NO PAIN FOR 3 DAYS! Continuing treatment with Yvonne for the last 5 years her kind and energetic and compassionate personality have kept me returning after right knee surgery, pain, colds, gastrointestinal issues, foot pain & over all my general health and & wellbeing. Yvonne has helped me where modern medicine has failed. Ladies, she can help with wrinkles. I highly recommend Dr. Towsley, the accupuncture and herbal medicines."

-Sandra J. RN, Supervisor and Cardiology nurse

"Yvonne has been working with me for a month to get my body back in balance. I have suffered from back pain and migraines for years. I have not had a migraine in a month and was having several per month prior to starting treatment! So many conditions can be treated, so I definitely recommend trying it out!!!"

"I am new to the world of acupuncture. I who never write reviews felt compelled to share a few thoughts. My experience with Yvonne at Ancient City was beyond expectation. The time spent in consultation set the tone for me greatly understanding how I was to be treated. The process of the procedure and what was to be experienced during the session was well explained. She made me feel very comfortable during the visit. As this problem will take some time to recover from, I have noticed a definite improvement just from the first visit. I look forward to my future sessions with Yvonne at Ancient City Acupunture."

-FT, New York

"I think I won the acupuncture lottery when I found Yvonne! I feel so blessed and lucky to be working with her. Every time I have a session, I feel healthier, stronger and more myself. Yvonne listens, she cares and she's a wellspring of wisdom and knowledge. I've had acupuncture for many years (in several different cities) before finding her, and nobody compares to her level of care, passion and dedication. If you're ready to feel better, QUICKLY, I suggest you book an appointment immediately. St. Augustine is very lucky to have such a gifted acupuncturist right here, just down the street."

-Veronica, St. Augustine

"I originally went to see Yvonne for a whole host of problems from hormone imbalance to sleep problems. She more than corrected those but in our sessions topics came up such as my IT bands being tight from running and a condition that I have had for many years called Dupuytren's contracture that is a tightening of tendons in the hand that eventually makes use of your hand impossible. We started treatment on that and I can honestly say at this point it is about 75% improved. We are still working on it but that was only after a few treatments. As for my IT bands she has released pain and I am able to stretch more efficiently. I can not thank Ancient City Accupuncture enough and I highly recommend!"


"Yvonne is a great acupuncturist, and highly recommend her."

-Betty Smith

"I hadn't been sleeping well and nothing seemed to work until I saw Yvonne. I slept through the night for the first time in years. She treated my kidney and lung meridians and I slept like a baby. Yvonne deserves the highest recommendation I can give -- not only for the results but for the personal attention and care. Well done Yvonne!"


"My husband was a patient of Yvonne's first and based on his positive results, I went to see if she could relieve the tension and pain in my neck, back and shoulders. Yvonne did a technique called Gua Sha on me and the results are amazing. I have no hesitation in recommending Yvonne for whatever ails you!"


"I recently moved to the area and was thrilled to find Yvonne. She is passionate about her profession and it shows in the way she listens and delivers treatment. I presented with back and shoulder pain and she suggested an additional treatment of cupping. The results were awesome! If you've never had cupping done, ask for it. I have seen Yvonne 3 times now and intend on maintaining my health and well-being with her assistance."


"Yvonne is an honest, happy and caring person who takes a genuine interest in her clients. I had never considered acupuncture until encouraged to do so by a loved one. From the very first treatment I found the experience to be both pleasant and helpful. The respiratory relief I was seeking was almost immediate. As a result I have returned several times and plan to continue the treatment. I would recommend 'Ancient City' to anyone!!"


"Extremely satisfied with the results and professionalism of Dr. Towsley. She was able to perform neuropathy therapy on my feet where there was complete loss of sensation in my toes due to frostbite. Within 5 sessions of therapy I regained all feeling thanks to Dr. Towsley use of moxa treatment. Ancient city acupuncture comes highly recommended."

-Rick Austin

"Dr. Yvonne has far surpassed any expectations I had. Initially saw her for one health concern-She was so attentive and listened to me and asked discerning questions. So unlike normal doctor visits. As time has progressed I have seen her for a number of health concerns-Always leave healthier that when I visited her. Pain is less, optimal well being advanced considerably. She is a rare find-I treasure her. :-)"

-AB, St. Augustine

"I was very fortunate to find Yvonne while traveling in St. Augustine. I receive regular acupuncture treatments at home and needed someone to tide me over until my return. She was very thorough and professional and I will go back if I'm in the area again. My symptoms are related to anxiety which causes my blood pressure to go up, sometimes very high. She fixed me up until my return home."

-Claire G.

"I love Ancient City Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. I visited Yvonne and her husband every week for over a year until I moved. The care I received was personalized and specific, and with so many different kinds of treatments, its more than just needles. Each visit made me feel great! Sometimes I would go during my lunch and it would help me relax before my stressful afternoon! I even brought my daughter there when she was sick with a bad cough and she got better the next day after some cupping. The herbs are great too, she makes a lot of them, and I still take them regularly. I would definitely recommend for anyone interested in complementary medicine. I go back to her every time I visit Florida."

-Rebekah P.

"I am pregnant and was suffering from terrible morning sickness that I was in the ER for at Flagler so we were trying to find an alternative to the strong medication that they prescribed for me. Not only is she right across the street from my house (she's located next to Beaver Toyota on US1) but they are very flexible with appointment times and very accommodating of my schedule. She is not only friendly and very professional, but she's very smart and knowledgeable. Her staff is no exception, they also provide the same friendly service, I am always chatting with them before and after my appointments I enjoy their company so much. She not only helped me get off of the medication after just two appointments, but she is also helping me with other symptoms of pregnancy like back pain and migraines. On top of all of this, she is very affordable, even making it easy to come twice a week with the second appointment being a much lower rate!"


"I went to Yvonne because of severe pain to my left rotator cuff/deltoid. She did a very thorough assessment of all the systems of my body. The next day the pain was 90% gone. The remaining pain feels like a little muscle soreness; nothing at all compared to what it was. This was going from not being able to lift my arm up past my shoulder without screaming out in pain to being able to completely rotate my arm in any direction after only one treatment! I have also been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. When I left after my first treatment I was in a lovely, calm state which lasted throughout the entire day. How nice it was not to have to take a pill to calm me down. I was always under the impression that acupuncture was primarily used to relieve/treat pain, but this is not the case. Yvonne explained that she works with patients that suffer many different diseases/ailments in conjunction with their own physicians. I have already made my next two appointments with her and can't wait to see her again. Yvonne is highly skilled at what she does, and is an incredible listener. Besides all of that she's a really cool lady! I highly recommend her."


"Yvonne has been immensely valuable in my chemotherapy treatment. The primary reasons for using her was to prevent the neuropathy, and I must say it worked beautifully. I had very few side effects during treatment, and the nutritional supplements she recommended were excellent. My niece who works for Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa Oklahoma highly recommended acupuncture. They treat all of their patients on a weekly basis."

-Jan J.

"I have Stage 4 Breast Cancer and cannot do without acupuncture treatments, for everything from specific pains to overall health. I trust Dr. Towsley to help in my natural and alternative approach to healing my cancer and keeping the rest of me well."

-Natalie, St. Augustine

"I love how I feel after I get a treatment at Ancient City Acupuncture! I always feel refreshed and ready for the rest of the day. I like that I can get the personal treatment I need and feel great."


"I enjoyed the personal attention Dr. Towsley showed to me. She cares for her patients."


"It was a pleasure working with Ancient City Acupuncture, and I would recommend anybody interested in acupuncture and herbal modalities to them."

-RL, St. Augustine