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Look around you, and you will see organic and plant life of tremendous variety. For centuries and millennia, these substances have been used to assist in healing. Many pharmaceuticals used today have been formulated with natural organic origin.

Herbal medicine is useful for exterior, interior, acute, and chronic conditions. This medicine is both restorative and preservative. Herbs have many characteristics and qualities. Some of these include flavors: sweet, bitter, salty, astringent, and sour, to name a few. They also move through the body in various ways such as up, down, in, and out. They may be chosen for their ability to bring other herbs along with them to an area of the body, similar to a guide leading one through the jungle. A guide herb brings the other herbs where they are needed in the body. It takes years of study to learn Chinese herbs and herbal formulas.

Herbs and formulas come in many forms depending on the need and use. Topical preparations are used on the body. Some topical salves I make in organic sesame oil and are finished with local bees' wax from Palatka. Tinctures I make are prepared in vodka which can be sprayed on the affected area. These preparations can be helpful in moving and tonifying blood, increasing circulation and warming the channels/area, and pain management.

Herbal formulas are made specifically for conditions presented, and are tailored to the individual condition. There are generally stages that may require varying herbal treatments. In the acute phase, I strive to provide relief for symptoms. In the next phase, I want to correct the underlying conditions. In the final stage, support is given for maintenance.

I enjoy helping people with herbal medicine. Herbal formulas can be thought of as the gasoline and engine oil in a car. No matter how polished the outside is, the car cannot go forward without oil and gasoline inside. Herbal medicine, like the engine oil and gasoline in your car, can assist greatly with getting you where you need to go. It is beneficial in acute, chronic, preventive, restorative and preservative conditions.

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