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Dr. Yvonne Towsley's portrait photo. Welcome to our website. Dr. Yvonne C. Towsley is our practicing DACM. She is a doctor of Oriental medicine, Acupuncture Physician, with a doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine awarded at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Dr. Towsley and her family relocated from Massachusetts to Saint Augustine, Florida in 1996. While she and her husband raised their family in this beautiful ancient city, her journey of awareness continued as she learned from skilled masters and doctors of acupuncture and oriental medicine.

NCCAOM LogoDr. Towsley is also an NCCAOM Diplomat.

After completing her training and receiving her degree, Dr. Towsley opened her practice in Saint Augustine, Florida, Saint Johns County. This ancient medicine can be a guiding component with varied modalities in achieving modern health. Dr. Towsley assists with patient health goals as she treats the whole person, and the root cause of concern. Many diagnostic tools are used in the clinic to understand the person and individual needs, including extensive interview, pulse, and tongue evaluation, to name a few. Thereafter, healing capabilities of the body can often occur in predictable ways with a proper differential diagnosis.

No one person's health is just like a text book, such that each person must be cared for individually as their needs present. When the person's health doesn't match a text book case of the problem, Dr. Shen, a famous oriental doctor, would say "book wrong," emphasizing the need to treat each patient individually. Oriental Medicine has a vast and varied history, with methods to evaluate, treat, and create balance. When this occurs via acupuncture and herbal medicine, amazing results have been achieved.

Dr. Towsley takes on family health concerns as well as serious health issues including stroke rehabilitation, which can be addressed with scalp acupuncture and more. Supportive care cases, such as treating cancer patients, and OB/GYN patients are benefited by collaboration with doctors and practitioners in the medical community. In this way patients, can receive all the care their case requires. Dr. Towsley sees her role as assisting in restoring balance, or better yet, giving the body a message for it to restore balance.

Academic Background

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine

University of North Florida

Florida State College at Jacksonville (Florida Community College at Jacksonville)

Saint John's River State College (Saint John's River Community College)

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Education Links

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)

University of North Florida

Florida State College at Jacksonville

St. John's River State College

Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine